November 16, 2020 - 24 Exchange has today announced that the 24-hour trading platform has surpassed an Average Daily Volume (ADV) of $250 Million in FX NDFs throughout October. The company's transaction volume reached a single-day record of more than $400 Million, while ADV levels of $250 Million have continued into November. In August, 24 Exchange announced that it had reached an average daily volume of $100 Million.

The company also announced today that it will launch FX Swaps trading and FX Spot trading in January of 2021. These two additional FX products will offer the same liquidity and cost efficiencies as 24 Exchange's FX NDFs.

Dmitri Galinov, CEO and founder of 24 Exchange, said, "Average Daily Volume has more than doubled since mid-summer, further enhancing our position as a robust and reliable liquidity pool in the FX NDF marketplace. With the coming addition of our two new offerings, FX Swaps and FX Spot trading, the 24 Exchange platform will become even more valuable to our trading customers around the world. We're gratified that our customers are as 'keen as mustard' to onboard and expand their relationships with 24 Exchange."

The FX Swaps product will be the first streaming swaps available in the marketplace, creating a unique next-generation platform. The company's low-cost FX Spot trading product will go to six decimal places, an innovation over the five decimal places currently offered by competitors.

Jason Woerz, President of 24 Exchange, added, "Our accelerating growth is a clear demonstration of our platform's strong relationship with the growing number of institutional investors we are proud to call clients. Adding relevant value-enhancing products to our range of offerings will further advance 24 Exchange's overall evolution in the marketplace."

24 Exchange was launched in December 2019 and through its partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, the Exchange offers a central prime broker clearing model for NDFs that facilitates anonymity and lower margin costs for participants. 24 Exchange's liquidity is provided by a number of the largest global FX participants, enabling streaming NDF liquidity on standard contracts. The platform also facilitates broken dates NDF trading via request-for-stream (RFS) functionality.operates in full compliance with the principles of the FX Global Code.