January 19, 2021 - Edgewater Markets as today announce the appointment of Jilong Chen, Senior Software Developer, to their technology team based out of the company's New York headquarters.

“We are very excited to welcome Jilong Chen, a high-quality talent, to our global technology team,” commented Mike Johnson, Edgewater’s Development Lead. “Jilong brings decades of market experience to our growing development team, helping to propel our technology to the next level in bringing innovative solutions and architectural design to clients utilizing Edgewater’s proprietary software."

Mr. Chen joins Edgewater as Senior Software Developer, where he will focus on the firm’s ultra-low latency core engine, and responsible for the growth and maintenance of the firm’s proprietary platforms. His career has focused on applying technology and innovation in high-frequency, low-latency distributed systems in UNIX/Linux for security trading, and trading strategies.

“I am looking forward to joining Edgewater’s development team and the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of bringing ground-breaking solutions to financial markets.” stated Jilong. “Based on the focus and diversification of proprietary product offerings, the rapidly expanding global footprint, and the customised end-user trading solutions being offered to institutional clients, Edgewater’s service offering is very compelling,” he commented.

Prior to joining Edgewater, Mr. Chen was Senior Developer at Susquehanna International Group, responsible for low latency gateway systems. For over 10 years at Bloomberg LP, he was Senior Developer, and prior to that, was Senior Trading System Developer at Millennium Partners, supporting a high frequency/statistical arbitrage trading desk. Adding to his extensive background, Jilong was Senior Programmer/Analyst at Bear Stearns, and before that, Senior Programmer/Analyst at Credit Suisse, where he worked on Agora, a real-time equity-trading engine, at the hub of Credit Suisse’s FB’s global equities trading.

Mr. Chen earned his Master of Science, in Computer Science, at University of Waterloo. He received a Master of Science in Mathematics at the Institute of Mathematics Academia Sinica in Beijing, his B.S. in Mathematics at Nanjing Normal University in Nanjing, China and his PhD in Mathematics at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.

“The execution of Edgewater’s hiring growth strategy is helping ensure our clients have direct access to FX markets throughout the world,” remarked Alessandra Bozzo, Chief Administrative Officer of the firm. “Jilong’s depth of knowledge and extensive industry experience of delivering customised technical solutions will allow Edgewater to further strengthen and ensure our high-level customer service. I am certain that our best days lie ahead.”

In September 2020, Edgewater announced the hire of 2 Senior Developers for their London office: Leo Furze-Waddock as Senior Full Stack Developer, and Pietro Carrieri, Senior C++ Developer.